Friday, December 18, 2009

At the end of the year I will post my 2009 Dream Poet Anthology. Just a few more days for you to make your psychic appearance (in such a way that I remember upon waking). The deadline is December 31, 2009 8 a.m. ET.

The Reb Livingston Dream Poet Anthology series is the most coveted and prestigious list any poet can dream of making. Poets who made this list in the past went on to do very important and impressive things.

Good luck.


  1. I just hope I was wearing Prada.

    Word verification: gyrousl

  2. hahaha! "The Best Dreams of 2009."

    Are you really making a book of your dreams, though? Anne Boyer made a book like that I believe. I'd love to read it if you do.

    Are all the dreams you post on Twitter real? If so, I don't think I ever met a human who remembered his or her dreams so much.

  3. Yes, I have Anne's book -- it's great. What I'm posting next week is more like the TOC of the Dream Poet Anthology. I won't be sharing the actual dreams -- at least not next week. (wink)

    I forget many of my dreams. I just have a lot of them.

  4. Ooga-booga. Ooga-booga. Oh wait: now you'll dream about Fred Seidel.

  5. I hope I'm wearing a sexy alphabet iffen I show up.

    (and, belated birthday congratulations!)

  6. Oh, I am wondering if I am wearing anything at all. Hm. Maybe a boa? J. Bloemeke