Thursday, December 3, 2009

I got Gideon an advent calendar this year.

I never had one growing up, so it's a new concept for me, but it seemed like fun.

It was an impulse purchase. A $2 cardboard one I saw at the craft store.

This delighted Gideon.

I was delighted.

That's a lot of delight for $2!

I am a delight bargain hunter.

Yesterday we opened the first box: a piece of chocolate.

Sort of what I expected and it was exciting for Gideon.

He took a bite of the chocolate and handed it to me.

I thought, what a generous little boy! An angel!

How delightful!

Until I tasted the chocolate.

It was full of chemicals (from the plastic casing, I assume).

It was not edible.

I spat it out.

So for the next 23 days we'll continue opening the calendar, looking at the chocolate and ceremonially dropping it in the garbage can.

Then I'll give him a few jellybeans or a lollipop.

Not nearly as delightful.

* * *

So everyone is twittering about a Sherman Alexie interview on Colbert. Lots of harsh comments. I'm going to dust off the old TiVo and see what folks are talking about.

Yeah, I know I can watch it online.

* * *

I asked for a Nook for Christmas. I hear they're sold out.

I guess we'll see how magical Santa really is.

* * *

One of my projects for 2010 is making all the No Tell titles available as eBooks.

I'm kind of embarrassed I haven't done it yet, but, well, figuring out new technology and formatting stuff takes time and I've been awfully short on that.

* * *

I got a Google Wave invite a while back and couldn't figure out how to update my profile picture.

Or what I was even supposed to do with it.

One of my projects for 2010 is figuring out Google Wave.

* * *

Technology IS threatening!

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