Sunday, December 13, 2009

My tailbone continues to cause grief, but it's considerably better now. I still can't sit for long periods of time, so if you're waiting to hear back from me, well, hopefully soon.

If you received any correspondence from me this past week, appreciate the pain I endured making that happen.

Pain I endured for you.

I no longer hate everyone.

I'm merely annoyed.

The party Friday night was fun -- and I barely felt my tailbone.

Because beforehand we had a tour of the Newsuem.

The tailbone cure: an hour of walking on a concrete floor in heels in a cold building

The foot pain and shivers created solidarity among the ladies.

We all looked very pretty in our mutual suffering.

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  1. Can I just say you look HOT in this picture? The shawl/purse/shoes combo is perfect against the neutral tone of the dress.

    I only make fashion comments 3.5x a year, so the fact that I'm inspired to speak up really says something.