Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ok, this is more terrifying than the hippie who wants me to go back to school and refinance my home

Don't even get me started on the "heart of PA" -- that is not the type of love I wish to surround myself.

What's next FB? Glue factory and pasture advertisements?

Not to get all personal here, but I can still bear children and um, wipe myself. Am I really that close to retirement age?

I miss the "hey fatso . . . prune face . . . pee-stained grin . . . pancake titty" advertisements I used to receive on FB when I was 36. Bring them back, please!


  1. I immediately read RETIRE IN THE HEART as a cult that wants me to die. Right now. YIKES!

  2. Don't you suppose it's because you're at the age when you might be thinking about those decisions for your own parents...?

  3. Someone else mentioned that possibility too -- if that's the case, I'll be headed to the heart of PA for my free lunch!