Monday, December 28, 2009

final call for anthology

Only a few more days to psychically submit to The Reb Livingston Dream Poet Anthology 2009. Every poet who enters my psyche is accepted into the anthology.

Unless I don't want to publicly admit that you entered my psyche.

This past week I dreamed of two poets who already secured their places in the anthology. They get an A for effort, but no special prize. You only have to appear once in my dreams to make the anthology. You don't even have to really appear, just the mention of your name or book counts.

I should warn you that there's been a bit of violence in my dreams as of late: shoot-outs, murders, assaults, bear attacks, attempted murder by bug spray, boiling mice, blood-worms that look a lot like penises appearing in spaghetti, etc. . .

I cannot guarantee the safety or integrity of your psychic avatar.