Thursday, December 3, 2009

coming to get you

Yesterday I dreamed that two women and I were protecting something. It had a Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel. There were men shooting at us. Then more elite assassins came to kill all of us. I tried to protect and hide the original assassins from the new, better ones. One lesser assassin even argued with me as I tried to hide him in a laundry basket. I was like "dude, I forgive you, let it go and let me help you." The elite assassins found us, but they didn't kill us, they held our mouths open and put in a drop of something. Was it a truth serum? A mind control tonic? Poison? I don't know. But not long after that I saw my reflection in the mirror--I was an older, frumpy red-head with HUGE dandruff flakes. I felt unattractive so when the swarmy Englishman was hitting on me, I thought it must be a trick and responded sarcastically. Then another older woman told me to just hit that already. After I announced that I hope Frodo leaves Middle Earth and comes back to Upper Earth, I went out to a car to make out with the Englishman--which was pretty gross, actually. Frumpy and dandruff aside, I could have done MUCH better. Afterwards I looked out the car window, pointed Hiro out to the Englishman and said "He's the time traveler."

* * *

Not my first Buffy-inspired dream, but my first Frodo dream. It's also my first Hiro dream, but not my first time traveler dream. In October 2008 I dreamed a bunch of annoying people were on a path looking for Dr. Who. I honked my horn and told them to get out of the way, the Doctor wasn't here. Then I mixed paints, making "hero" colors, like Wonder Woman. I tried to mix a peacock blue. The blue stood for men, red for women and white held them together, I think, or maybe the blue held them together.

I always mix up important details. Or maybe I finally got it right after all this time and that's why Hiro appeared.

My first Doctor dream was in June 2008. He was sitting at my childhood bus stop. I really wanted him to notice me. I don't think he did. I walked up the street to my home, it was a sunny beautiful day, my grandfather joyfully waited for me in our front yard. Then it became night and I was behind the house trying to park my car, but a red and white 50's car was in the spot. A woman named "MaryLou" shot at me with a shotgun. She chased me as I drove away. Then I found myself in a bedroom. I woke up and realized I was dreaming (in the dream). I heard a rustling. MaryLou was in the closet, not fully formed yet. She was this sickly, wretched humanoid. I smashed her head against a dresser and yelled for her to leave me alone. She said she'd come back from time to time. That infuriated me. I wanted her gone for good. I pummeled her harder and yelled "I'm coming to get you, MaryLou."

That's one of those dreams that when you wake up from, you go down your sanity checklist to make sure everything is in order.

Maybe I'm Smeagol and MaryLou is my Gollum?

Frodo, come back to Upper Earth!

It's time.


  1. This dream makes me love you even more.

  2. Thanks Jeannine--generally my admitting to such dreams freaks people out. :)

  3. Well, that dream is pretty cool. I dreamed about genetic engineering last night - and before that I dreamed about the catastrophic devaluation of Dubai currency. I'm boring myself!