Sunday, March 28, 2010


Charlie Jensen and gallery owner, Elyse Harrison

The reading last night at the Neptune Gallery was great fun. Everyone in attendance participated in a writing exercise in which we wrote lines of poetry while using Freya Grand's land and sea paintings accompanied by Steven Roger's musical compositions (created specifically for her paintings).

Then we put all the lines in a box, rolled some dice and made sweet love (poems).

Seriously. Apparently if you show people a bunch of landscapes, all they think about is sex.

Bittersweet, frothy sex.

And buttercream frosting.

Confession: I first typed buttcream frosting.

I am no more evolved than anyone else, apparently.

I believe the gallery will eventually eventually post the poems on its website.

On Sunday Gideon and I attended Collin Kelley's and Susan Tichy's reading at the Writers Center. As I mentioned here before, Gideon and Collin go way back.


  1. It was a fun weekend! Thanks for hanging out and bringing Gideon along, too. :)

  2. now that's an adorable picture!!